Cremation Ceramics Allow You To Turn your Loved Ones Into Mugs

Remember the other week where we told you about that company that immortalised breast milk into necklace pendants? Well we’ve got an even weirder blend of organic material. If your family has the tradition of displaying loved one’s ashes in urns, you can now take the extra step and turn your relatives that have bee through cremation into “ceramic design objects”.

As Mashable report, Chronicle Cremation Designs offer a unique and weirdly poetic way of displaying your loved one’s ashes.

We like the sentiment, we just think it’s kinda weird to drink your morning coffee out of Grandma or accidentally drop Uncle Joe on the kitchen floor and have to superglue his handle back on *shudders*.

A coffee mug will set you back $199, however.

The project is run by Justin Crowe who “began to search for a way to give others the ability to remember passed loved ones in daily life” after the loss of his grandfather.

There are a handful of products you can pick from aside from the mug including a luminary, a centrepiece bowl, coupled bottles and an urn.

You mail the ashes your received from the cremation to Crowe and from there a very complex process is put in motion. It begins by processing the ash into a fine powder which is developed into a glaze. This ceramic glaze is then fired in a kiln that’s 1315 Celsius. The ceramic is designed to exist unchanged for thousands of years – true immortalisation.

When you think about the sentiment behind this pieces, it becomes a little less gross.

One customer of Creation Designs had his father made into a mug. “I am going to try and bring this mug with me for the rest of my life to keep that reminder and try to honour him. It’s a way of sharing something with him still”.

“The people who buy our memorial products are looking for a way to keep their memories close to them”. Seems less gross now, doesn’t it?