You Can Control Your Phone With This *Crazy* Electronic Tattoo

Since the Google Glass’ prospects shattered, we’ve been creeping slower toward the future-reality where we wear technology. Virtual headsets are far too geeky to actually be taken seriously so it seems that a lot of brain-boxes are looking at the humble tattoo as the first step toward body-integrated technology.
A while back we talked about the tattoos that could measure the alcohol levels in your blood. By using some basic circuitry, it would send bluetooth messages to your phone to let you know you’re over the limit. That’s pretty cool!

Since then we’ve discovered flash tattoos. A team-up between MIT and Microsoft has given birth to this DuoSkin tattoo.
Image credit: MIT Media Lab

Image credit: MIT Media Lab

In short, it’s a temporary tattoo that can be used as a touchscreen… you heard right. The tat allows users to “control their mobile devices, display information and store information on their skin while serving as a statement of personal style”.

LED lights flash when you’ve got a notification to check. The tattoo also features trackpads that can let you change the music on your device by touching your skin.

Also, for those of you 90s kids that miss the mood rings, the tattoo can change colour according to your mood!
The designs are inspired by street fashion in Taiwan and the science has been developed to be accessible to everyone, made from really affordable materials like gold leaf.
What do you think? Is this the most revolutionary melding of fashion and tech or just another weird future design that no-one is actually going to use?