How To Control Your Lucid Dreams, According To An Expert

Lucid dreams are any dream wherein the dreamer, usually you, is totally aware that they’re dreaming. If you’ve ever had one of these dreams, you’ll know that you have a certain degree of control. Most people try flying but the control can lord over the narrative and characters…

There are myths that some people can regularly have and control their lucid dreams like some unconscious superhero. In one Reddit AMA, lucid dreaming expert Stefan unpacked all of the mystery surrounding these psychological mysteries.

Stefan promised that using his techniques, you will be able to: “control anything in your dreams. What you do, where you go, how it feels etc. You can use it to remove fears from your mind, stop having nightmares, reconnect with lost relatives or friends, and much more!”

Sounds like an adventure. The people of the internet grilled Stefan on the downsides of lucid dreaming, how to talk to dead people and, unsurprisingly, how to successful fly in a dream. The first question was simply written: “Yeah, so, uh, how do you do it”.

The answer is a simplification but lucid dreaming comes down to a three step process:

  1. Start writing your dreams down every morning in a journal, after a few weeks you’ll start to spot ‘dream signs’. These recurring tropes will indicate to yourself that the pink elephants are part of your subconscious.
  2. Practice reality checks throughout the day. This is where you ‘test’ your reality by doing something that has different results in waking life than it would in your dream. Poking your finger through your hand won’t work in reality but would in a dream.
  3. Meditate. Self-awareness is the key to lucid dreaming and auto-piloting is the worst thing we can do. The reason we can’t control our lucid dreams naturally is because our brains are unaware of what’s real and a projection.

So try those steps. Spend time in your own brain and see what happens… it could be a trip.