Six Comforting Instagram Accounts We Could All Use Today

For reasons we’re sure you’re all aware of, we could all use a hug, a cup of tea and an express ticket to Mars. However, we must push on. Most of us are probably processing a lot of misplaced feelings right now and could do with something comforting to help us get through the day.

At your work desk you’re probably not going to find a lot of solace on Facebook or Twitter, just an echo chamber of people articulating feelings of despair. Instagram has always been a bastion of celebration, regardless of it’s superficiality. It seems to be the only haven from rampant opinion vomit.

Whether you’re looking for relaxing sounds, sights or dank memes – these Instagram accounts contain the comforting videos that we need in these trying times.


Who would have thought that watching sand get chopped could be so satisfying? This plush sand is crushed in a myriad of ways and moulds into loads of comforting shapes – as weird as that sounds…


Ceramic making is surely the most comforting craft. Putting aside all the Ghost references, the fluid art of making pottery, especially when time-lapsed, creates a harmony between the visceral and the organic.


A graphic artist that specialises in intricate mosaic patterns created on a digital platform. Watching these complex patterns come together on loop is a mesmerising experience especially when combined with relaxing music.

The Sun, Moon & Stars. A blend of Medieval, Celtic and even Art Deco influence in this piece.

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Nothing better to shift the cavernous numbing of anxiety than watching somethign totally abstract repeatedly. Escapism can be found in the most peculiar of processes, paint-mixing is one of these.


If even the paint-mixing is too intense for your fragile state of mind (don’t worry, we understand) here’s a whole Instagram dedicated to the gentle process of dripping ink. It’s like Fantasia but 30 seconds long and way less stressful.

#inktober 28 "burn" pattern

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Breaded Cats

And if none of those work… there’s always cats with slices of bread put over their heads.


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