We’re Pretty Excited About Marks & Spencer’s New Colour Changing Gins

They're like something out of Harry Potter

Like 99% of the population, we’re big into gin RN.

From pink gin to gin cheese, we’ll give any form of the spirit a go. And now we’ve found potentially our favourite gin-carnation of them all.

Marks & Spencer has teamed up with Edinburgh-based distillery The Old Curiosity to launch… colour-changing gin.

The supermarket has unveiled two flavours of the magic-sounding tipple, British Rose and British Lavender, both of which change hue when tonic is added to them.

How does this work? Apparently, the mixer opens up the ‘nose’ of the gins. This alters the pH, leading to a colour change.

If you’re interested in flavour, the rose gin is infused with British rose picked from the secret herb garden of the distillery, alongside juniper, coriander and angelica. The lavender option produces a ‘calming’ aroma.

A spokesperson for M&S tells Pretty52: ‘The gins are 100% naturally distilled and infused using florals and other botanicals and are free of chemicals, sugars, fruit extracts or flavour compounds.

‘The gins keep the natural properties of the plants they’re made from, consequently, when tonic is added, not only does the mixer open up the “nose” of these fabulous gins, it changes the pH of the spirit together with its original colour.’

Both gins cost £25 for 50cl and will be in store later this month. See you at the checkout.