One Of Your Favourite Cocktails Is Actually Worse For You Than Cocaine

Not many things in this world are worse for you than cocaine. It’s a class-A drug and fully explains why Keith Richards looks the way he does. I would argue that Richards actually died 20 years, his heart is just spasming as a result of the two decade long overdose he’s been experiencing.

Alcohol, however, is arguably not vilified enough for the damage is wreaks on both society and the individuals that abuse it. But we love a Friday night drink too much so we’ll never make any progress.


All we can do is try to explain that certain cocktails do as much damage as the lethal substances you’re told to avoid at all costs (that’s still true, by the way).

We’ve all been in the situation where the energy level of the group is dwindling so some sort of energy drink/spirit combination does just the trick. Like lightning, 25ml of the stuff reignites the party and you’re off to the races!


However, and here comes the buzzkill, a recent study says that these kind of cocktails and drinks are just as bad for your brain as cocaine. That’s food for thought!

Using mice, researchers looked at the effect of energy drinks and alcohols when combined. The increase in their locomotor activity was similarly found when they gave the mice cocaine which seems cruel but we’re here to talk drinks, we’ll tackle animal rights another day.

One researcher said: “We are clearly seeing effects of the combined drinks that we would not see if drinking one or the other.”


The mix of the two substances creates the same numbing effect that makes drug users so compelled to keep chasing that high. In this case, you keep chasing your incrementally increasing passion for Drake songs played an ear-splitting volume.

I predict five years before people realise the very real dangers of energy drinks and start jettisoning them from their lives. Drink responsibly, kids.