Coca-Cola Bottles Are Getting Smaller… And More Expensive

It's all because of the sugar tax

If you’re a Coca-Cola addict, we have some news you may not like.

The company has announced that it’s reducing the size of its 1.75l bottle of Coke to 1.5l – and putting the price up by 20p in the UK. This means it’ll be rising from £1.09 to £1.25.

Now, there is a reason for this change. It’s all in response to the sugar tax, which comes into force in April.

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The levy will be set at 18p on drinks containing 5g of sugar or more per 100ml and 24p on those with more than 8g per 100ml.

Coke has more than 10g of sugar per 100ml, with a 1.75l bottle containing 186g.

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Some manufacturers have avoided the tax by altering their recipes, usually by increasing the amount of artificial sweeteners in their drinks.

The amount of sugar used in Sprite, Fanta and Dr Pepper – all owned by Coca-Cola – has been reduced, while AG Barr has divided opinion by tweaking the recipe of Irn Bru.

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But if you’re panicking over the thought of Coca-Cola doing the same, it’s been confirmed that this won’t be happening.

A spokesperson for Coca-Cola European Partners tells BBC: ‘People love the taste… and have told us not to change.

‘We have no plans to change the recipe of Coca-Cola Classic so it will be impacted by the government’s soft drinks tax. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Diet Coke, our no-sugar colas, are not impacted.’

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