Chocolate Cake Is Still On Track To Be The Breakfast Trend Of 2017

With only a few weeks left in the year, according to a top food expert, chocolate cake is still going to be encouraged as a viable breakfast food by next year.

Let’s face it, we’re not great at breakfast, especially during the week. How many of you can honestly say that you have a balanced brekkie at least five days a week? It takes too long and is way too much effort – most of us have pretty much cut breakfast out of our lives.

But maybe we’ll all have a change of heart when chocolate cake finds itself in our cupboards and the stale cereal makes a home at the bottom of our bins.

According to Liz Moskow, the culinary director at an advertising firm, chocolate cake will start making appearances on breakfast menus next year as an “amuse-bouche” which, apparently, means a small serving, according to The Independent.

This won’t just be an abstract addition to menus because people are sick of having to save cake for past-midday (it’s a lot like alcohol that way). Moskow predicts its emergence to line up with restaurants introducing dessert option into breakfast and brunch menus.

If you can’t find the justification for eating cake morning, noon and night, check this out: one study found that eating chocolate regularly was linked with cognitive function.

Another study found that eating dessert for breakfast can actually help weight-loss because it reduces cravings throughout the day. So although you’re taking on more calories initially, the temptation to graze won’t be as strong.

But this is all by-the-by. We shouldn’t be the ones to tell you that eating chocolate cake throughout the day isn’t going to do you any real favours. Just think about that kid from Matilda

Cocoa may have many health benefits but when it’s thrown in with a metric-tonne of butter and sugar, they just don’t hold up..