The Cheese Melting Gadget That’s The Ultimate Comfort Food Tool

“Who needs friends when you’ve got cheese?”, a mantra we can very much get on board with. Many people are deeming 2016 the worst year ever which obviously isn’t true but rather a reflection on the divisive nature and unrelenting sequence of bad news that’s plagued this year. We’d love to look at the spikes in comfort food sales surrounding news breaks of celebrity deaths, Brexit and Trump’s election. 

Cheese being the objectively best comfort food, we’re excited for next year to be one that celebrates the best things in humanity like cheese. And much to the delight of lactose pundits, somebody has inventive a portable and stylish gadget for dripping hot cheese on any meal.

Check out the demonstration video below.

As reported by Standard, the Boska Partyclette ToGo Portable Cheese Melter is designed to let you have an impromptu melted Raclette serving wherever you are. Sick to death of terrible airplane food? Whack out the piping hot Partyclette… we’re joking, obviously.

This hot plate can melt any cheese you desire. Just put your slices of hard cheese on the plate, light the tea lights underneath and wait until you’ve got oozing cheese ready to pour.

The pack comes with a wooden spatula for giving the cheesy blanket a hand onto the plate. There’s no limit to what you can drown in cheese.


You know the struggle of trying to spread barely melted cheese onto bread at Christmas time. You destroy the bread and the cheese. This Partyclette will solve that problem and make comfort food binging easy and slightly more dignified.

It’s designed to be made for sharing but since the demo video shows one person using a whole hot plate serving for herself – we’ll take that as intended use.

You can pick up this gadget on Amazon for around £80. The perfect gift for the cheese-head in your life.