Five Cheap and *Beautiful* Late Summer Getaway Ideas

The prime summer months are passing us by and if you took your big holiday earlier in the season you’re probably hankering for another getaway soon-ish. The problem is that you only have so much holiday allowance a year and going away is kinda, super expensive – but it doesn’t need to be.

Whether you want to spend a long weekend somewhere over the August bank holiday or take a week out in early September before the weather turns, there are loads of great places that can provide some much needed R&R without costing a fortune.

Here are five *amazing* ideas for cheap and beautiful summer getaways that you need before the Winter slump.

1. Cotswolds 

If you need a break from the mad city life, grab yourself a few nights in a quaint cottage out in the Cotswolds. There’s not a huge amount going on but it’s perfect if you want to escape the world with a loved one for a few days or just spend some time reading those books you got for Christmas but never had the time to get through.

Cottages won’t put you back more than £250 for three nights, too!


Image credit: RexFeatures

2. Vienna

The great thing about being part of the European Union (for now) is the access we have to some amazing places only a few hours away. Home of the greatest minds in Europe, Vienna offers the best in history, food and beautiful city sites. Check out SecretEscapes for some amazing package deals.

3. Reykjavik 

Beyond September, Iceland becomes too cold to be totally enjoyable. Going in September isn’t going to be the final Summer hurah but it’s a great way to welcome in the colder seasons. The best thing about going now is that you get a chance to see the Northern Lights without freezing a toe off – it’s relatively cheap to get there too!

4. Corsica

Paris is an obvious choice for a quick getaway if you live in the UK. But why settle for sights you’ve seen a hundred times before a drizzle? Get the Eurostar to the capital and jump on the cheapest flight to Corsica, south France. You’ll miss all the beach crowds and still reap the benefits of 25 degree weather plus!


Image credit: RexFeatures

5. English Riviera 

If you’re really strapped for cash, South Devon has loads of a great beaches to lounge on and gets some of the better weather in the UK. It’s no Corsica but 20 degrees is nothing to sniff at! Try out some wetsuit water-sports or just enjoy the classic British seaside – we’ll leave the rest up to you.