This Is How Much You Could Make A Year As A ‘Professional’ Instagrammer

I find it really weird when online users get upset about their favourite Youtubers, celebrities and Instagram-users taking money to post sponsored content. People need to understand that this is how business works.

Brands will give you a wad of cash to spend five minutes talking or posting about an insignificant product. I say take the money and run!

It’s no secret that fully-fledged celebrities like Kylie Jenner can make anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000 for simply sharing a product placed post on Instagram.

However, these higher-tier celebs make money through sheerly existing so that’s isn’t that big of a deal. It’s just another brick in the celebrity zeitgeist.

Instagram, for the rest of us, is just a way to share our best snaps with our friends, admiring strangers and sex-bots. That said, there does exist a middle-tier between us and the Kardashians of the world. Known as ‘professional instagrammers’.

What these people do for a living is ambiguous. Most of them describe themselves as ‘Youtubers’ or ‘Global Nomad’ or ‘Dreamweaver’ but these aren’t real jobs according to ‘conventional standards’ but wake up, Grandma, this is 2017.

These ‘regular’ people use their thousands or millions of Gram followers to generate a ridiculous amount of cash and we’re jealous.

According to a new article in The New York Times, Instagram users with between three and seven million followers can charge companies up to $75,000 for one post. That’s like a years worth of money for posting once about a new foundation!

For the more common Instagram semi-professionals with between 50,000 and 500,000 followers can squeeze up to $1,000 per post from companies which is, considering the amount of work required, still not bad for 15 minutes of shooting, editing and posting.

For example, take a look at this post from mid-tier celeb Tanya Burr about a new Garnier product. With 2.9 million followers our good friend Tanya probably cleared $50,000 for this tiny photo. Have a look!

So here’s the plan. Take a year off your actual job, figure out how to get millions of Instagram followers, post about a new shampoo, buy a mansion, lose all your money in risky overseas investments, rinse and repeat…