This Machine Turns Your Selfies Into Chocolate Lollipops

You can make pretty much anything into chocolate now. It’s weird how we still settle for the classic flat bars of chocolate when we have the resources to form the most outlandish and creative shapes. In 2017, we would like the chocolatiers of the world and make a stand against boring chocolate shapes. An example? How about turning our delicious selfies into chocolate lollipops?

Oh that’s a thing? According to HelloGiggles, this machine will read your selfie and 3D print a near-perfect sculpture of your face in chocolate. It comes out gold-dipped and on a lollipop stick. Who do you know that wouldn’t want an edible version of your face for Christmas?

Check out the demonstration video below.

Jokes aside this is a great present for the notorious selfie-taker in your life that snaps 100 pictures a day and barely uses any of them. If they’re going to make you late because of their vanity, you may as well get something edible out of it.

These miniature busts are going to by the name Lolpops (it’s a play of lollipops, just in case its subtlety went over your head). You unfortunately can’t buy the machine that makes them because no one person should have all that power.

What you can do, however, is send a video of yourself to submit to For about £15 you can buy yourself (or a friend) three mini lollipops of your face.


Regardless of your stance on this and its value for money, you can’t deny that “Get ahead of yourself” is one of the best slogans of 2016.

As well as Lolpops, Candy Mechanics also sell Candy Cards which, as you can guess, a delicious chocolate card engraved with whatever design you choose. All you have to do is design the card, CandyMechanic will take care of the rest!

What a time to be a chocaholic!