The ‘Burrito Sauna’ Is The Newest And Most Ridiculous Detox Trend

We’ve never been able to figure out if sweating is good for us. In theory, the idea of expelling all the toxins in your body through your pores sounds great but surely forcing your body to react to an unnatural temperature can’t be, right?

The newest in sweat-inducing detoxes is what is being referred in the US as the ‘burrito sauna’ which has clients wrapping themselves up in infrared suits to purge their body of toxins. We know, it’s weird.

Imagine a giant sleeping bag with only a hole to stick your head out, hence the burrito comparison.

Check out this experience Vlog from Cleverr Style below!

What’s the most surreal part of this whole trip is that because your arms are enveloped in the tin-foil bodysuit, you have to rely on the salon assistants to pour water into your mouths as you slowly complete your transformation into a human-jacket potato hybrid.

Once you’ve cooked all the way through, you then stand over a bucket to collect all the sweat your body just expunged. Sounds like a laugh…

But these ‘burrito saunas’ aren’t for the perpetually toxic, The Kasdashian sisters are said to be among the celebs that have been spotted around The Shape House, the spa that’s leading the charge on this new detox trend. At a reasonable $45 (£36) you too can turn your internal organs into soup.

Selena Gomez is actually an outspoken advocate for this sauna treatment. Speaking to Elle she said: “I have a sweat bed, which looks like a burrito that I wrap myself up in, and I sweat for about 45 minutes. Just little things to kind of keep me healthy and keep me focused”.


Health experts are still unsure about the risks of exposing your body to so much infrared radiation in such an enclosed space but the going advice for anyone apprehensive is to “rely on your own experience”.

Think back to last time you felt like a Mexican delicacy and base your health decisions on that – great advice.