Oh No, The Great British Roast Could Be Extinct By 2041

Sound off the ‘affront to Britishness’ klaxon because roast dinners could be on their way out of the ‘culture’ (if you can even call it that). Like passive-aggression and tutting at a supersonic volume while still making your frustrations heard, a good roast dinner can only be found on these shores. It’s a staple for families nationwide be them carnivores, vegans, vegetarians and everything in-between.

The sad news is that, apparently, the roast dinner is in such heavy decline that it could be a meal of the past by 2041 – that’s only 25 years from now!

The roast itself has really evolved with the times transitioning into Quorn, a variety of meats and nut roasts. But it’s just not enough to stay relevant according to data from global analysts KantarWorldpanel.

This is based on an estimated decline of 4% every year.

Unfortunately, as with the decline of all traditions that we want to stick around, this is occurring because we’re all too lazy to cook them. 75% of Brits haven’t cooked a roast in over a month and 10% hasn’t attempted one in six months.

And there’s a reason for that, they’re quite expensive and take ages to make.

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What’s weird is that, according to the Metro, roast chicken is still Britain’s favourite food beating SpagBol and Shepherd’s Pie. So what’s going to happen? Are we going to have to adapt and find easier ways of making roasts – this guy can make a whole Christmas dinner in a mug in five minutes.

According to the data, 72% of those surveyed avoid cooking roasts as there are just too many stages involved in preparing the meal, with 28% worrying about the timing of all the components.

29% are nervous about cooking the meat right and, in fairness, it is an expensive mistake to make. All we can do is figure out the easiest and most flexible way of keeping the roast tradition alive!