This *Brilliant* Blooper Reel Is The Perfect Way To Remember The Rio Olympics

Done for another four years, consider the Rio Olympics finally closed for business. It was a wild old time and went off, pretty much, without a hitch. England succeeded better than we thought we would and Russia got their sporting comeuppance. All in all, we can agree it was a great Olympics.

As with the end of every major sporting event, let’s relish this period where people still want to talk about the games. This will last until about mid-September at which point most of the world will forget that the $11.6 billion event even happened in the first place!

Between the weird relationship involving Mark Foster and Rebecca Adlington, the bacheloretteĀ invasion on a BBC Four live show and swimming pools turning green for seemingly no reason, there were loads of headline drawing talking points the Olympics offered outside the events going on in the stadiums.

This blooper video is a great compilation of every funny, weird and downright heart-melting event that was captured by news broadcasters across the games, enjoy!

At the end of the day, these are the moments that’ll put Rio down as a successful olympics. While the achievements of the athletes shouldn’t be spoken about in anything but awe, watching a Chinese swimmer lose her mind over getting a bronze she didn’t realise she’d won will be remembered as a highlight of the games. We’ll see the rest of you in Tokyo.