This Is Why You’re Most Likely To Break-Up On December 11th

Christmas time is the most loving period of the year. Family, friends and loved ones gather to share drinks and festive joy. However, it’s also the most common time to be dumped or to dump your ex-loved one. If you’re desperate for presents, we suppose you can hang on until the new year but we suppose the end of the year inspires people to start clearing out their lives for a brighter future which, unfortunately, could mean you.

The USA call it the ‘Turkey Dump’ for obvious reasons and it’s become a ceremonial fear for anyone in a rocky relationship right now.

The bad news is that there’s very little you can do to stop it now so, if you feel like it’s coming, be ready.

As The Independent report, data has found that two weeks before Christmas Day (December 11th) is the day when most couples split up.

Since Facebook is the most common way to show that you’re voluntarily (or not, as the case may be) back on the market, statisticians studied break-up statuses to see what the most common date is for getting dumped.

Combine this with data from that shows that the peak sign-up period is Christmas Day, you can see that the second half of December has people taking control of their lives.

And this something we should celebrate. No-one should have to stick around in a relationship that doesn’t make them happy and, similarly, no-one should have to be alone at Christmas.

There are a few theories on why December 11th is Day Zero for so many relationships.

Psychologist, Dr Dorree Lynn theorises that the intimate act of gift giving forces people to accept realities of inadequacy and trust that they’ve been dealing with.

The same phenomena can be spotted around Thanksgiving in America, another holiday that requires couples to give each other gifts.

The good news is that after December 11th, you should be in the clear. Christmas Day sees the least amount of relationships end across the year!