You Won’t Believe How Different Brad Pitt Looked In This 1989 Pringles Advert

Every actor has to start somewhere. If you’re lucky enough to be a child star that doesn’t totally go off the rails like Macaulay Culkin, you’ve actually go to break into acting through your own merit. However, until then, acting is cheesy adverts pays the bills…
Before the rousing success of movies like Fight Club, Se7en and Interview With The Vampire, Brad Pitt was feeding himself on the aforementioned advert money and probably a lifetime supply of Pringles. That’s right, the now celebrated actor was once the face of everyone’s favourite curvy crisp!

Image credit: Rex

Image credit: Rex

Back in 1989, a time where curtains were acceptable, Mr Pitt was a 26 year old actor with only a few on-screen roles under his belt. Notably, ‘Guy At Beach With Drink’ in 1987s Hunk and ‘Preppie Guy At Fight’ in Less Than Zero released in the same year.
This advert is a flash-bang to the senses by try and stop the blood shooting out of your ears to catch a glimpse of our favourite star selling the hell out of Pringles.

If we had to do a small commentary about this lurid monstrosity it would follow the lines of this. Pitt’s character, who we’ll name Riley Crylerson befitting the ‘cool dude’ surfer theme, is chilling with his bros only to find that the moment the Pringles run out, the car also breaks down. What an unfortunate coincidence.

Seemingly more concerned with the snack situation, Pitt and his crew pull over to the side of the road to come up with some presumably ‘rad’ hair-brained scheme to attain more Pringles and fix their ride.

Pitt then spots another car filled with girls across the road through the bottom of his Pringle can. This raises a lot of questions. Why wasn’t Pitt helping with the car instead of spying on passers-by? Why has his Pringle can got a hole in it? and why are none of his friends wearing shirts?

The girls happen to have Pringles in their car and are eating them seductively, much to the delight of fresh-faced Pitt.

Pitt, his crew and the girls have a Pringle party on the side of the road (for some reason) and then drive off in their, now, fixed car, leaving the girls on the side of the road with no car and only three Pringles cans to survive off of. What bastards.