Ten Ways To Make Binge-Watching *Way* Healthier

Binge-watching is a favourite past-time for thousands of people out there. What’s interesting is that since on-demand television became widely available, binge-watching changed from a habit to a full-blown hobby.

The problem is, like anything, too much of one thing will end up hurting you. Especially if that thing incolves sitting in one place for up to 10 hours and shovelling food into your mouth for the majority of that time.

We’re not going to stop you binge-watching, telly is just too entertaining for that. But here are 10 quick and easy ways to make your binge-watching sessions a wee bit healthier.


1. Pause every 22 minutes

Studies have found that taking small breaks between each episode of a series will contribute massively to the weight-gain associated with sedentary time.

2. Move while you watch

Alternatively you can just keep moving while watching TV. Most screens are big enough to be seen from a distance so why not jump on an exercise bike or do the ironing while you watch Luke Cage (which is fantastic by the way).

3. Frozen grapes

They’re cold, sugary and satisfying and healthy which means you can eat bag after bag and avoid binge-eating.


4. Look after your eyes.

The 20-20-20 rule: “Every 20 minutes, you should glance away from the screen and “look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds or more.” This gives your eyes a chance to recover”

5. Dim that screen

If you’re going to watch for eight hours, dim the screen to avoid premature ageing of the skin caused by HEV exposure.

6. Binge with a purpose

To rid yourself of the guilt, have an active plan about what you want to watch, why and for how long. You’ll actually enjoy the show more without the nagging thoughts of ‘I should be doing something else’.


7. Water

The more water you drink, the quicker your metabolism will become, the more you’ll need the loo, the more you’ll move around, the less calorific drinks you’ll consume and you’ll stay awake longer.

8. Don’t use your phone or laptop

TV screens are just better for your posture and eyes. Buy yourself a HDMI cable and plug your laptop into your TV if you’re a sworn bed-watcher.

9. Put your brain to good use

For every three episodes of a mindless comedy you watch, give a documentary a spin with a friend then talk about it after and throughout. The science is iffy but excessive TV watching is linked with poor cognitive function later in life.


10. Sleep, damn it

Start bingeing in the morning and get to sleep at a regular time, we shouldn’t have to tell you this.