According To Science, THIS Is The Best Time To Call In Sick To Work

Whether you’re actually sick or just want to claw a day of freedom without giving up one of your precious holiday days, the success of telling your boss that you’re not going to make it into work actually depends on what time you make the call/send the message.

Crazy, right? We always thought that the on-phone performance was the lynch-pin of any sick day call. We’ve perfected our fake coughs and croaky voices for that exact reason. We suppose everything is done over email now. Which almost makes it easier to lie! Hooray!

This is good information for anyone wanting to skive from work, it’s even better information for anyone whose manager is great at guilting his or her employees into working despite their illness.

Elite Daily reported that one market research study found the perfect time to let your boss know that you need to keep yourself tucked up in bed for the day. No working from home, no emails, no nothing!

The study of 1,000 employees found that the most suitable time for requesting your sick day (with pay) is Tuesday at 6:38am. Oh yeah, it’s that specific. Lots of Ferris Bueller vibes going on right now.

So what does this date and time actually mean? It suggests that if you plan on calling in sick or getting sick, a Tuesday morning makes your excuse sound more believable and therefore coax some empathy out of your manager.

The study also gives you the most effective excuse when you’ve already had the flu six times this year.

“Stomach problems” is the simplest way to get your boss off your back. The implications are such that no manager in their right mind would pursue with a follow up question.

If you need some extra help, most people use sick days in November and December so in order to avoid suspicion, maybe hold off for a couple of months!