How To Find The Absolute *Best* Street Food In London

A huge part of tourism in London is driven by our various street food markets all over the city. The hard part is knowing which one has the best grub. If you’re short on cash or want something quick, street food is the quickest and most delicious option.

For a tenner you can get a full sized meal, a cracking craft beer or cocktail and something sweet. The only downside is that you’ll probably have to stand on a street corner to eat it, then again, it is called street food.

Some of the most diverse and flavoursome foods in London are hidden behind these stalls so it’s up to the foodies of the world to sniff them out and spread the word.

street food

Image credit: Instagram

Luckily this just got a whole lot easier. The Expedia London Street Food Map is a great starting point for any food-lovers looking to get the most of their London dining experience. The map contains every market in the London area as well as blogger recommendations for dishes, things to do nearby and a comprehensive market history!

Check out the screenshot below to get a better idea and visit the site to see for yourself!

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 14.28.37

As well as all the filler information, the map contains opening times, what the best time of year is to visit and the address. You can filter by the borough you’ll be in around lunchtime, find your nearest market at the click of a button and remove any markets that aren’t open today!