Why You Might Be A Birthing Partner Very Soon

Apparently your gal pals are a lot more likely to pop the question.

Deciding who’ll be by your side when you give birth is a biggie. It’s the one time everything (and we mean, everything) about you is exposed, and according to new research, women are choosing their BFFs as birthing partners a lot more than they used to.

Voucher Codes Pro conducted a study on 1,756 pregnant women and asked them who they planned to have for support. 24% said they would be having their best friend instead of their other halves with them during childbirth, while 19% said they planned to have their mums in the room.

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Speaking to Refinery29, one 26-year-old woman said: “I’d love to have my best friend by my side when giving birth. I think about it a lot.

“She’d be a calming presence and there’s just something more biologically in tune with the birthing process about having a woman who’s known you your whole life stand by you. I know she’ll be with me throughout the entirety of my pregnancy. As much as I’d like my partner there to share it, I’d want her to be there too.”

The most popular reason for women not having the father as their birthing partner was not being 'on good terms'

The most popular reason for women not having the father as their birthing partner was not being ‘on good terms’

She’s not the only one- 67% said the presence of the father during childbirth isn’t necessary, and 22% weren’t planning on having the father present during their labour.

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So what’s up with that? When asked why, one third said it was because they’re not on ‘good terms’ with the father, a quarter said they don’t want their partners to find them unattractive, some said the father was too squeamish and others simply preferred someone else.

Yep, in a controversial move, Jools and chef Jamie Oliver even allowed eldest daughters of 14 and 13 in to watch the birth of their fifth child.

Our point, then, is that there really are no rules: choose who you want, and do it wisely.