11 Dogs On Instagram That Will Make You Want To Hit The Follow Button

It's #NationalPuppyDay, but we don't really need an excuse do we?

1. Tuna 

This Chiweenie – a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund, apparently – knows how to make people laugh.

And for those globe-trotters amongst you, he even has a dog-friendly travel page too.

Just look how happy he is on that boat.

2. Marnie

Pancanks Day? Otay tank u

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This 16-year-old Shih Tzu has gone viral on more than one occasion.

We’ll never forget that supermarket moment.

3. Burrito

Rolling in dirt? I call it getting in touch with nature

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All the way from Austin, Texas.

4. Doug The Pug

“‪No pugarazzi, please‬” -Doug

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‘‪No pugarazzi, please‬.’

5. Holly

She sure knows how to rock a flower crown.

6. Squid

I shall call him, 'Mini Me'.

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Despicable Me, anyone?

7. Harold

Sooo can I get back in bed now? #mondaymood

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Just look at those baby blues.

8. Louis

Whether stealing his mum’s slippers or trying to munch on a Domino’s, this Bulldog puppy is a little cheeky chappy.

9. Dallas

Half Sharpei, half Bulldog, she’s only 9 months old and already has over 20k followers on Instagram.

10. Bluenjy

A ‘therapy dog in training for ill children’, according to his Facebook page, this French Bulldog is said to be completely deaf.

11. Normie and Bambi Jenner

Mom Loves Us ☺️

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No list would be complete without a celebrity pup or two.

Kylie Jenner introduced the world to Norman and Bambi – and dedicated an Instagram account just to them.