Ben And Jerry’s Are Making A Move Into Boozy Ice Cream

This isn’t the first time we’ve asked this question but that’s only because it’s a question worth repeating: what if there was a way to get drunk while enjoying the comfort of just indulging in sweet treats? We were delighted when Tipsy Scoop entered our lives as the first boozy ice cream on the scene.

But things have changed since last October and unfortunately people like brands they already know especially when it comes to sweet treats. Hence the excitement surrounding the rumours that Ben and Jerry’s are moving into more adult territories with their flavours.

According to junk-food celebrators, CandyHunting, who have a history of being on the pulse when it comes to new sweet food announcements, Ben and Jerry’s are readying up to drop their first boozy ice-creams on the world.

Check out that picture above. It might look like your typical B&J flavour but the ‘Bourbon Caramel Swirls’ probably won’t go down well at a children’s party… or they will and you’ve a real problem on your hands.

CandyHunting says that the ice cream is planned for release in the next few months and will be, typically, an US exclusive which always stings.

For you non-drinkers out there, there are also rumours that ‘Truffle Kerfuffle’ will be released at the same time as ‘Urban Bourbon’.

As the Metro report, this alcoholic treat isn’t 100% confirmed. It has been reported that the ice cream company have applied for a trademark for ‘Urban Bourbon’ so it wouldn’t be outlandish to suggest that this is probably on the books.

But, as we said earlier, B&J will be playing boozy catchup. Looking at the range of flavours from Tipsy Scoop seems to suggest that the mainstream ice cream company have their work cut out for them.

Furthermore, we’re willing to wager that Ben and Jerry’s are going to be putting weak mouthwash levels of alcohol into their version. We’re not about that life.