How To Take Your First Steps Toward Becoming A Vegetarian

The label ‘vegetarian’ is shaking off its stigma. If you can imagine what the world was like 10 years ago, those that dedicated themselves to a meat-free lifestyle were looked down on as difficult. These days, with all the awareness surrounding the meat industry, it’s thought of as disciplined and cool to go veggie.

Vegans have sort of inherited the stigma which kind of sucks but we don’t care about that today (sorry, Vegans). Vegetarianism is a doable and totally beneficial lifestyle – even if you only commit to it a couple of days a week.

Vegetarianism isn’t for everyone, you should know that going in. But it’s always worth trying. Regardless of how devoted you are to meat, no-one is going to think less of you if you give it up or try the veggie thing and then relapse. It’s your life.

So here are some quality tips from pro-vegetarians at Zenhabits about taking your first steps toward vegetarianism.

Try One Recipe A Week/One Day A Week

Rather than just go from 0-100, try eating like a veggie for one day a week. There’s no point going vegetarian if you don’t like the food you’re making so try to build a portfolio of veggie recipes that you’d be happy to cook regularly.

Transition Through Pescatarianism  

Again, transitioning organically into the lifestyle will result in a longer commitment. So maybe cut out meat to begin with and use fish and then slowly find a substitute for that. Before you know it you’ll be a fully fledged leaf-eater.

Avoid Junk Food

It’s a myth that it’s not possible to be unhealthy and veggie but there’s loads of processed meat-free food that you’re better off without. Stick to the fresh stuff to make the most of your new lifestyle choice.

Vegetarian restaurants

The best way to convince anyone to get into vegetarianism is by eating some damn good vegetarian food. You’re not going to be able to rustle up as good food as all that veggie restaurants you’ve put off going to until now. With all the money you’re going to save on meat, you’ll be able to afford it now.