This Is How YOU Could Become President Of The United States

If you were so inclined, could you, presumably a British citizen, become the President Of The United States? In theory, yes you could. The constitution is there to allow any American citizen to run for president, all you really need is the money and the support. Should be easy, right?

We’re going to skirt over the political intricacies of how Donald Trump ended up as the Commander-In-Chief because it’s something we’re all slowly learning to understand.

For now, let’s have some hypothetical fun and see what it actually takes to run for President (winning is a whole other thing).

So where do we start? Well the blindly obvious problem you might run into is that you’re not an American citizen.

You need to be at least 35 years old and a resident of the US for 14 years to run for office.

To become a citizen you can either live in a state for 3 months and be a continuous resident for 3 years… you can always marry your way into citizenship. But you need to be ‘natural born’ too so unless you plan on doctoring your birth certificate, this is strictly hypothetical.

So let’s say, 17 years of planning and you’ll be ready to run!

In the last 70 years, every major party candidate has “been either a sitting or former US senator, governor, vice-president or five-star general”, reports the BBC, but if Donald Trump can do it…

After declaring your presidency two years prior to the election, you start to raise support and money.

On average, a presidency bid costs about $2 billion hence why someone like Donald Trump can run.

From there you have to become your party’s nominee through a series of primaries and caucuses where you’ll have to win the nomination through votes or, in Trump’s case, be so abhorrent it forces every other contender to drop out the race.

This is where your budget starts to kick in. From here you’ll have to set your campaign trail ablaze with advertising and state-by-state campaigning.

It’s a long, hard and taxing test but is supposedly ‘effective democracy’ in action.

If you’re an American citizen, in theory, you could become president. But who would honestly want to?