The UK Are Campaigning To Get Barack Obama As Our Next Prime Minister

Despite being able to distance ourselves from America, Donald Trump’s presidency is going to have severe consequences for the rest of the world. His strong stances against affirmative action on climate change and general compassion for the least looked upon in society is going to hurt a lot of people close to all of us.

You never know what you have until it’s gone and sweet goodness are we going to miss President Obama. Not only because he’s a top bloke but because his compassion and position as the leader of the free world was a beacon of hope for the worldwide community – even if you didn’t always agree with his policies.

And we in the UK could use some hope right now. The continuing Brexit hell-storm is grinding down our last nerve and Theresa May isn’t the leader we need right now.

Since Barack Obama will be unemployed come January, why not poach the ex-POTUS and elect him as our Prime Minister? Not that we deserve him after the way we’ve been behaving…

The people of the internet are begging for the good hearted Pres to help steer Britain out of the murky waters of frustration and division.

Amber raises a good point… how possible is it that American citizen Barack Obama could become our Prime Minister? He’s more than qualified, we reckon.

We did some research and found the simple answer and complex answer to our question: Technically, Yes, Barack Obama could become Prime Minister but also, it’d be too difficult.

The position of Prime Minister can be decided by the crown so if Queen Elizabeth wanted him in, he could be. All Barack has to do is become a British citizen!

However, “Convention requires that the PM is a member of Parliament, and a member of the House of Commons in particular, however many PM’s have been from the Lords in the Past.”

“So the Queen could appoint Obama to the Lords, and them make him PM.”

Obama would have to win the confidence vote in parliament time after time, which would probably not happen.

Worth a crack though, Barry.