We’re Sad That These Are The Last Of Barack Obama’s Amazing Dad Jokes

Barack Obama is the coolest world leader we’ve ever seen. He’s got that Dad style and seems to only get better with age. Whether he’s shooting hoops at the basketball court on the White House grounds and treating us to his surprisingly impressive singing voice, we can’t get enough of this guy.

And he’s funny, too! Like, actually funny. As we reflect on the potential future of a president that can’t deliver jokes without mocking someone’s weight and demeaning women, we’re thankful for Obama’s effortless Dad charm.

Yesterday, Obama pardoned his last ever turkey for The White House Thanksgiving. A light-hearted and casual ceremony which Barack took full advantage of.

Flexing his status, Obama came up with his most killer Thanksgiving themed Dad jokes. These are spectacular and delivered with such charisma we can only groan endearingly.

Not like your Da’s terrible jokes, Obama’s were sharp and proof that after eight years swimming upstream, the President had not been turned cynical by Washington.

Across the years, across many Presidential dinners, we’ve seen many jokes cracked by the Pres. However, like exercising a demon, Barry took this opportunity to unleash a ‘corny-copia’ of terrible gags.

Malia and Sasha couldn’t even show their faces and that’s a milestone for being an embarrassing Dad.

Check out the Turkey punathon below.

Here are our absolute favourites from the speech. Some of them may contain some Thanksgiving specific references that might go over our British heads.

1. “We should also make sure everyone has something to eat on Thanksgiving, except for the turkeys because they’re already stuffed”

2. “No way I’m cutting this habit cold turkey.”

3. “We’re not leaving any room for leftovers”

4. “I want to take a moment to recognise the brave turkeys who weren’t so lucky, who didn’t get to ride the gravy train to freedom and who met their fate with courage and sacrifice and proved that they weren’t chicken”

A child cried after that one…