Bad News, Caffeine-Lovers, Coffee Could Be Extinct By 2080

This morning, for a Monday, has been relatively successful. The weather is going to pick-up, we can start thinking about jumper season and the Giant Panda has rebounded off of the endangered list! How great is that?! This good news comes with a pinch of bad, however, coffee could entirely extinct by the year 2080.

That’s right, the tried and true cup of ambition that we rely on to be our morning co-pilots may vanish from humanity. A new report by The Climate Institute has suggested that at the rate global warming is occurring, the land we use to farm coffee could be useless.

By 2050 half of the world’s coffee farms will be rifle in damaging fungi and pests due to rising temperatures. Yikes.

Speaking to The Telegraph, the Sustainability Director for Starbucks said: “If conditions continue as they are [there’s] potentially significant risk to our supply chain. If we sit by and wait until the impacts of climate change are so severe that is impacting our supply chain then that puts us at a greater risk”. The silver lining is that there probably won’t be as long queues in future Starbucks’…

So how are these fungi and pest geezers coming here and ridding the planet of the one thing that makes it tolerable to live here? The pest called the coffee berry borer (great name…) have been found that be expanding their population in Tanzania.

The spread of these and the fungi known as ‘coffee leaf rust’ could have dramatic changes to coffee flavour, price and availability.

This could be the end of coffee as we know it… unless we can human our way out of the situation. By ‘human’, I mean: cut our global emissions and therefore mitigating the devastating affects of rising global temperatures, in doing so keeping coffee farming land in prosperous conditions.

It’s not that hard, just walk to work instead of driving and your kids will still be able to enjoy coffee.