When A Bachelorette Party And Olympics TV Coverage Collide…

Once the sun goes down Copacabana Beach steps into its own Twilight Zone. During the day, it’s host to legions of tourists wondering up and down the coast, attempting stand-up paddle-boarding and spending too much money on cocktails. At night the real heart of Rio awakens…

We should preface this by saying that, especially for tourists, visiting any beach in Rio past 10 o’clock isn’t a great idea but since the Olympics are happening, there is security everywhere!

Anyway, Dan Walker had the pleasure of playing host for an entire bachelorette party on Saturday night as he broadcasted live from the beach for BBC Four.

Wrapping up for the evening (most viewers were watching the athletics on BBC One) Walker was interrupted by a swarm of ‘hen party’ patrons and got the pleasure of meeting the bride-to-be, Maria. Check out the video below.

As you can clearly see, Maria is a delight. The Rio local was composed and charming despite having  a crew with the collective energy of a coke can in an earthquake. The two discussed the upcoming nuptials.

Realising she was being broadcasted by the BBC, Maria led the charge on a full-scale “BBC” chant which, by the looks of it, everyone seemed on board with. In fact, it spurred a few bystanders to get involved with the festivities!

Isn’t this what the Olympics are all about? Getting hammered, sharing love and hijacking live broadcasts!