These Are The Baby Name Trends Set To Become Huge This Year

Some are quite a surprise...

We recently discovered the most popular baby names of 2017, and those expected to be the biggest of 2018.

But now we’ve learnt the overall trends that new mums and dads are set to start following when it comes to choosing their newborns’ monikers.

Parenting site ChannelMum has revealed its predictions for baby names over the next three to five years, and interestingly, they include those that are ‘virtuous’, Shakespearean, bird-themed and gender neutral.

Check out the full list below…

Saint West is leading a trend

Space-themed names

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend may have kicked this one off, as their daughter Luna’s name is a prime example.

Others include Stella, Nova and Orion.

Gender neutral names

For girls, this could be Teddy, Robin and Noel. Carol and Aubrey are reportedly expected to become popular for boys.

‘Bad’ names

Plenty of parents name their children after their film and TV heroes, but now it’s the villains we’re copying.

Suicide Squad has already spawned Harley and Quinn, while Tom Hardy’s turn in Legend has led to the re-emergence of Ronnie and Reggie.

margot robbie as Harley Quinn in suicide squad

Harley Quinn has inspired a number of baby Harleys and Quinns

Bird-themed names

Sounds weird, but these names are actually pretty cute. Think Wren, Phoenix, Paloma and Birdie.

‘Virtuous’ names

It may be time to take a leaf out of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s book. Saint, Hope and Faith are all ‘virtuous’ monikers that are about to get a popularity boost.

Botanical names

Such as Ferne, Bay, Basil and Sage. Apparently, these are taking over from flower names.

Ferne McCann’s name is gaining popularity

Names meaning ‘wealthy’ or ‘money’

For example, Ottilie, Elodie, Rafferty and Cash. Hopefully these kids end up as minted as their monikers would suggest.

Shakespearean names

And we don’t just mean Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare actually used some pretty romantic names, including Hero, Balthazar, Ophelia and Juno.

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