Six Tricks To Stop Yourself From Drunk Texting

What were you thinking? Honestly? Two in the morning and you just had to text him that?! You’ve got a problem, no, not a drinking problem, A texting problem. You need to get a handle on it before you commit full social suicide.

The issue isn’t unique. We’ve all made some risky texts in drunken states before, the key is to try and limit yourself to as few drunken texts as possible.

Sometimes they’re just overenthusiastic messages of love (sometimes to the wrong person). Other times they’re the text equivalent of you unbolting the barn doors and letting that repressed anger loose.

These are the ones we want to avoid…

If you or a friend are notorious drunk texters, you need a system to keep a lid on it.

Seeing as you’re not going to give up drinking and you’re definitely not going to give up your phone, learning to control it is the only way!

1. Work through your anger at pre-drinks

When you’re drunk all those unresolved feelings come flying out. If that guy didn’t text you back, you know he’s getting a text-full at 3am from your Uber home. Take some time at pre-drinks to figure out who you have beef with and try to squash it.

2. Buddy-up

At least one person in your group will be as bad or worse at drunk texting than you. Be on phone watch throughout the night. It’s a fun game to play with each other and it’ll keep you all social! Friends don’t let friends reach out to ex-boyfriends.

3. Have better nights out

Stop wasting your time in boring bars and clubs where you have nothing better to do than drunkly scroll through your phone. Keep your drunk mind distracted!

4. Call your mum

Elite Daily know what they’re talking about. “She’s the one person who always reminds me to value myself and that talking to those who are uninterested in me is a waste of time.”

5. Talk to a stranger

Drunk texts are always dangerous and destructive. Talking to a random will engage you long enough to keep the phone in your bag… hopefully.

6. Delete the conversations

Texting is so easier now because all it takes is one tap and a bit of scrolling to find your drunk texting victim. Deleting the conversation might make texting that guy too much effort for your drunk-self to follow through with.