How To Avoid Catching A Cold When The Rest Of Your Office Is Sick

‘Tis the season, so they say. Not Christmas, but cold and flu season. Entering your office you’ll start to notice the slight chorus of sniffling, the subtle Rudolph cosplays and the occasional chesty cough that has the depth to measure on a Richter Scale.

It’d be naive to presume that you’re immune to these symptoms because, sorry, no matter how many glasses of green superfood resin you drink, the cold virus is out to get you. The name of the game is prevention and we’re here to help by avoiding the worst case scenario.


But there is an easy way to fight the germs and stay moderately healthy when it’s -1000 degrees outside and +2000 degrees inside. However, what it involves it maintaining your summer exercise regime, in the winter!

If you want to guarantee results you can go full hypochondriac. Kit yourself up with a smog mask, numb your entire body with multivitamins and work from home when you know there’s an infected stalking the office. It’s dramatic but it works.


Here’s what’s unfortunate about Winter: you can no longer exercise outside so you’re confided to the indoor gym which, by the way, will make you much sicker than your office.

According to the Standard, free weights at the gym harbour more than 360 times the number of bacteria than the average loo seat. The treadmill and exercise bikes aren’t much better.

Combined with the close-quarters exposure to the sweat and spit of fellow gym-goers, the haven of Winter exercise basically becomes a petri dish for the flu.


So what’s the plan, man? Give up on exercising because the outside will freeze your joints and the gym will rot your immune system? Definitely not.

You can find a supplement plan that fits you by swinging by any health shop or change your gym habits.

Drape towels over any machine surface you touch and soak your hands in anti-bacterial gel before touching any weights. Also, wash your hands regularly and, for goodness sakes, avoid the water fountain as much as physically possible.

One final tip: only exercise when you feel up to it. Going the the gym hungover or when you’re knackered is like pinning a sign to the back of your throat that reads: “Wanted: Tenants. Must be germy and willing to reduce property to a cold, withering husk for 5-10 days”.