Find Out The Average Price Of An Engagement Ring Where You Live

Turns out, East Midlanders are all about splashing the cash...

We’ve all heard the three-month salary rule when it comes to buying engagement rings, but it seems it may no longer be relevant.

According to a new study by Ripe Insurance, the average person is now splashing out just 1.7 months’ salary on their partner’s rock – and one in three admit to spending £250 or less.

However, they’ll generally still set you back thousands. Since 2010, the average jewel has cost £2,014.75, with prices varying across the country. Want to know how much people are paying in your area? Here goes…

East Midlands




West Midlands


Northern Ireland


South East






Yorkshire and the Humber


North West


North East


South West


East Anglia


Interestingly, 69% of engagement rings are now chosen as a couple or by the person being proposed to. In fact, only 31% of people feel confident to choose their future husband or wife’s band.

It seems mum still know best, with more than 1/10 of proposers turn to their mothers for advice on picking the perfect piece before any other family or friend.

Over half (52%) of proposals involve no engagement ring at all. However, women who propose are more likely to be prepared beforehand (47%) than men (42%).

A rising trend over the past decade has been the use of placeholder rings. Before the year 2000, only 1% of proposals involved one, but this has since increased to 7%.

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