Your Room Could Soon Have An Apple Mirror That’s Smarter Than Your Phone

Getting ready in the morning takes too long. Before you say “why don’t you just get up earlier” because shut up, that’s why. We need effective and efficient solutions to our daily irks. Convenience technology is quickly becoming a must-have. Between smart kettles and smart TVs, there’s now an Apple Mirror which doubles as a smart surface.

Running late while getting ready? Get your mirror to call you an Uber or drop your boss a message via this touchscreen mirror. The future is here and it’s reflective.

apple mirror

Image credit: Rafael Dymek

In essence, this on-wall device is just a giant iPad that has a reflective surface. A problem we have with a lot of smart technology is that it makes your house look like a sci-fi set. This Apple Mirror just looks like a regular mirror.

A regular mirror that plays music, steams videos, breaks up with your boyfriend and redefines what it means to take a mirror selfie.

The great news is that at some point, this mirror will probably be an affordable and realistic addition to any bedroom. The bad news is that this is just a prototype from designer Rafael Dymek.

The idea came to the designer after seeing his partner try to balance finding her phone with getting ready in front of the mirror. A situation we’ve all been in once or twice.

The design project has been abuzz in the tech circles. In Rafael’s words, the “design includes the time and date in the upper right hand corner and weather in the top left. All apps can be moved around and placed anywhere on the mirror.”

“After 45 seconds of inactivity the mirror goes to sleep (appears as any ordinary mirror), simply tap anywhere to wake back up and resume use”.

Image credit: Rafael Dymek

Image credit: Rafael Dymek

If you’ve got any better uses for this Apple Mirror, let us know!