Apple Are Working On A Really Important Way To Make Emergency Calls

Many people think about their phone’s emergency call function the same way they do about those safety instruction cards you get in planes. The information presented to you is common knowledge but when you need to use it, you wish you would have double checked.

Off the top of your head, in an emergency situation, would you know how to use your phone?¬†Would you know the quickest way to signal that you’re in trouble? Many of you probably do but still…

Not to say that the iPhone and Android emergency call functions aren’t useful, Apple are currently developing a safer and more subtle way of making emergency calls if you’re ever in a dangerous situation.

Instead of swiping, the new feature will be “activated when users press the power button five times in a row. There will be additional precautions to try to prevent accidental calls”, according to HelloGiggles.

There are environments where getting your phone out will bring more attention and danger to yourself than necessary so this five button system is a way around alerting the right people without risking losing your phone.

The function is currently being tried to developers who have the iOS 10.2 Beta so it might be a while until we get it rolled out.

Until then, there is an app called Companion which works like the tracking feature in Uber.

Designed specifically for women walking home late at night, users can input their destination and share their walk with their contacts. Your friends can then track your route and are notified if anything goes wrong.

Let’s say you take a huge detour or your headphones are pulled out or you don’t make it home in time – the app will send notifications out to alert your friends that something’s amiss.

The world seems to be getting darker so we’ve got to use the technology available to us to make everyone feel as safe as possible!