A Sneak Peek At Amazon Go, The Future Of Supermarkets

Amazon is a company that are trying to do it all, and succeeding! Between drone postmen, same-day deliveries and having a better selection of movies than Netflix (sorry, not sorry), the online shopping corporation are now moving into the territories of supermarkets. Next stop: world domination.

For now, Amazon Go is in its prototype phase and will probably be coming to a city near you next year. The idea behind these pop-up supermarkets is to take the self-service checkout to the next level – namely by removing them entirely.

Amazon’s trial supermarkets operate on a totally check-out free basis. As in, you scan your phone on the way in, grab whatever you want, walk out and the Amazon app will charge whatever you took to your account.

So how does it work? According to Business Insider, “The idea is that Amazon’s machine-learning technology can automatically identify when a product is added to your cart, so you don’t have to do it yourself. When you leave the store, Amazon automatically charges your Amazon account”.

It makes total sense but, if it takes off, it will cause a lot of people to lose their jobs. It’ll also bring around a whole tech revolution for the shoplifting industry.


Right now the company are tilting their focus toward supermarket shopping and ready-to-eat food but there’s no reason this system won’t be applied to every type of shop in the future.

Amazon are also coinciding these stores with the release of their Amazon Meal Kits which feature all the ingredients you need to make a meal for two in less an hour. Perfect for city workers that just can’t be bothered to cook or queue up to pay for things, for that matter.


The first store is due to open 2017 but we reckon this is just the first brick in what will push forward a new era of ‘Walk Out‘ shopping.