The *Amazing* Showerhead That Changes Colour For The *Coolest* Reason

We’re all guilty for taking super long showers. Unless you’ve been to prison, in-and-out showers are something that no-one has ever got any good at. The shower is a safe space to warm up, wake up and have some solitary time to contemplate your life..

However, while it’s all well and good taking your time, there’s always a victim of your flagrant water wasting. If not your disgruntled housemates who have to wait for you to finish up and pay the water bill but the environment for all that water you’re wasting.

It should be said that showering is slightly more economical than taking baths however you might still need to curb the lengths of your washes.

Enter, Hydrao’s smart showerhead… This attachable nozzle is fitted with a powerful LED light that changes colour according to how much water you’re using. How cool is that?!

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“Smart” Showerhead Tells You When You’re Wasting Water (via NowThis)

The light itself is powered by the water flow (in case your next question was: “will this electrocute me?”) This is also how the head knows how much water you’re using – you can’t cheat this device.

When you start your shower, the colour will be a friendly green. At this point, you can shower guilt-free… 10 litres in the colour will change to blue. After you’ve used 30 litres, you’ll be bathed in an orange glow and when you’ve used 50 litres the shower will start flashing red.

Image credit: Hydrao

Image credit: Hydrao

So what? It’s pretty cool but how does it do with #millennial audiences? We’ll stop you right there and say, very well, the bloomin’ showerhead connects to your phone!

By connecting the Hydrao to your phone via the miracles of Bluetooth, you can create an individual profile for yourself and track your water usage. You can set targets and contribute to the global conservation of water like Leonardo DiCaprio is always saying we should.