The *Amazing* Reason That Being Single Is Good For Your Health

It cannot be said that being single is either entirely good nor entirely bad. Depending on your living situation, how you became single and what your friends are doing with their lives really determines whether you’re a free-spirit or taking your first step to becoming a crazy-cat lady. Although, it must be said, that even if your love-life is a constantly reoccurring car-crash at least you have your health…

Feel encouraged? Good, because that’s what we’re here to talk about… Loneliness? No, why do you keep bringing that up? Just listen for a sec. We’re going to talk about how staying single is actually going to benefit your health in the long run!

During a fancy-pants presentation at the American Psychological Association’s 124th Annual Convention (our invite must have got lost in the post), Bella DePaulo revealed that “people who welcome singledom are more likely to experience more psychological growth than their married counterparts”. Ain’t that some good news?

She added: “The preoccupation with the perils of loneliness can obscure the profound benefits of solitude”. In layman’s terms this is a scientifically backed public service announcement to just do you right now!

The reasoning behind this revelation is backed up by numerous studies that highlight that when people marry or commit to relationships, they become less aware to anything happening outside their little relationship bubble. Single people value more meaningful work and the people that make an impact in their lives.

So how does this affect your health? Well, there is a direct correlation between the single population (roughly 51% of people) and a “heightened sense of self-determination”. This means that single people are far more self-sufficient and emotionally independent giving them a greater understanding and motivation to improve themselves both mentally and physically!

In short, being single just makes you a better person to be around…