Alzheimer’s Research UK Have Released The Most Emotional Christmas Advert

As fun, emotional and endearing as the Christmas adverts are, you can’t deny that they’re transparent. These shops and department stores are using emotional manipulation to get you to spend money in their stores. That’s just the way of the world, but maybe save your Christmas tears for this advert from Alzheimer’s Research UK.

This two minute animation is titled ‘Santa Forgot’ at which point you should totally be able to see where this is going.

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Image credit: Alzheimer’s Research UK

Narrated by Stephen Fry, the short advert tells the story of a young Girl named Freya who is told that Santa Claus began to forget who he was and because of dementia doesn’t deliver presents anymore.

Freya sets off on a journey to the North Pole to find Santa. The elves are idle, with no-one to deliver the presents there’s no point in making them.

The elves then clear their worktables and start researching a cure for Santa because “if Santa has a disease, research can find a way to fix it”.

No, you’re crying. Check out the video below.

The charity’s advert promotes how important it is to think about the dangers of Alzheimer’s disease because it can affect anyone. Be it a loved one, friend or even you, messages like this need to heard so we can commit as many resources to research as possible.

The short was animated by Aardman studios. In a statement published by the animators, Stephen Fry said: “From the moment I was told about Santa Forgot I wanted to lend my support – it is an inspiring and beautiful take on a Christmas tale,”

“I urge people up and down the country to get behind the campaign so we can fuel the fight against dementia and take a step forward to making it history”.

Image credit: Alzheimer's Research

Image credit: Alzheimer’s Research UK

This advert was first premiered on ITV last night and will continue to make the rounds so as many people as possible are aware of what can be done around this time of the year to aid Alzheimer’s Research.

Check out to learn how you can help and find out more.