Three Alternative Dating Apps Because Tinder Is Pretty Much Ruined

Tinder’s trajectory has been a weird one to follow. Since 2012, the infamous dating app surged as the most effective way to hook up and spark up a relationship and then, over time, was ruined but people using it despite being in relationships and general creeps (but the latter is to be expected).

The problems with this dating app can be boiled down to one single feature: it’s not exclusive in any way shape or form.

It sound cruel but dating apps only succeed if everyone using the app is united in a common goal. Tinder began as a hook-up app and was a smash-hit for a while but as soon as people got excited about it, Tinder fell apart.


But that’s no reason to write online dating completely off. It’s truly a reliable way to meet like-minded people, you just need to know where to look.

Here are five great Tinder alternatives that could increase your chances of meeting an actually decent human being/potential partner.

Coffee Meets Bagel

This app recognises that women and men use dating apps very differently. Men are less particular with their right-swiping while women are more selective. This app will show you the profile of a man who liked you first and give you the agency to connect or ignore. Everyday at noon this app sends men 21 matches based on selected criteria, women then get six potential matches based on this criteria and who liked them.

It sounds like a lot of effort but this weens out all the casual and bored online dating users that need to get lives.


Online dating makes chatting super easy and this isn’t always the best thing. Instead of allowing you to waste literal days on guys that have no interest in meeting up in person, LunchClick removes the messenger service and faces users with multiple choice questions when they match. After the answers are swapped they have to decide there and then whether they want to make a date in person.



There’s nothing particularly innovative and/or different from Tinder with this app except that Badoo makes users verify that their profile picture is actually them. If you’ve been avoiding online dating after binge watching Catfish, this might be a solution.