This Alcohol Free Wedding Has Caused Huge Controversy Online

Let’s not front, the best thing about attending the wedding is the reception. Sure, we’ll admit it, watching someone you presumably care about vowing themselves to another great human and celebrating their mutual love is pretty nice. But there’s very little in this world that can compete with an open bar.

Yeah it’s callous but after a while the whole wedding thing grows tiring. A sharp drink can really inject some much needed excitement into a party that’s taking place in a village hall.

However, one wedding has made its rounds on the internet because of one brides mission to make the wedding as dry as a desert. That’s right, she’s setting an unintentional theme for her wedding: prohibition.

Posting on the forum Wedding Bee, this bride is testing the waters for an alcohol free wedding.

Hang on, put down those pitchforks. Hear a woman out: “So my fiancé and I have been wedding planning like crazy and we are trying to decide if we really want alcohol at our wedding. The majority of his family can and will drink a TON, and things can escalate quickly. Meanwhile my family is fine without.”

Okay, we understand the hovering hands over the aforementioned forks, this is already off to a questionable start. What does the fiancé have to say about this? Anyway…

“We are aiming for an early afternoon wedding, small (50 people, mainly family). Like I said, the driving force is that his side of the family can’t always handle alcohol. Plus it can save money”.

Okay, so this is where the division lies. Most commenters are saying that it’s unfair that because a few people can’t control themselves (which is usually an overstatement) everyone has to suffer.

People were sharing their experiences with alcohol-free weddings and the consensus is that while you shouldn’t need booze to have fun, the absence of alcohol makes everyone feel kind of tense, even if you’re not drinking.

Mocktails. Mocktails are the solution, some say.

We’re not sure about a dry wedding, especially when the reasoning is so flimsy. We’re adults for goodness sake, but we can totally understand not wanting to risk ruining a special day because people overdo it at weddings. People really overdo it.