AirDates Is The Dating Site For Finding Love On Your Flight

Of all the unlikely places to find love, cruising altitude is probably the strangest but more common they you’d realise. There’s something about being sat next to someone on a plane that just makes sparks fly. AirDates is the new and only in-flight dating app that’s setting out to make these connections as often as possible.

And we know what you’re thinking, yes, the mile-high club is about to get a surge of new applications.

With dating apps taking more of a specific spin these days, take ‘I’d Be Nothing Without EU’ for example, it makes sense that eventually someone would realise the romantic potential of air travel.

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As HelloGiggles reports, AirDates offers passengers a way to find romantic partners in both the terminal and in the air. The possibilities are endless just make sure you don’t say anything awkward, you’re kind of stuck together.

The app is currently in testing and uses your phone’s in-built Wi-Fi to connect to other phones. It’s also playing around with incorporating Facebook, Pinterest and Spotify to determine compatibility.

It’s inherently riskier engaging in an in-flight date because you literally can’t escape or hide on a plane.

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From what we can see, AirDates have been careful not to mention the Mile High Club in any of their assets which is probably a good shout. In the same way that Tinder is used more for casual flings than actual relationships, AirDates needs to be careful not to become an underground way of organising Mile High Club initiations…

But AirDates is purely for building connections, they don’t have to be romantic. The app offers the option to simply chat with fellow travellers and organise things like sharing cabs to and from the airport.

Currently the app offers the option to share your travel plans with other people which is just asking for trouble. Get weird in a tiny airplane toilet, by all means, but don’t go risking your valuable information.