The *Secret* Advantages To A Long Distance Relationship…

Okay, we understand if you’re a bit sceptical about this… long distance relationships have, traditionally, been painful for both parties and result in car crash break-ups. Absence makes the heart grow fonder but at some point the heart corrupts and starts to resent the situation and, eventually, the other party.

The problem is, once you start to doubt that the long distance relationship will work, the relationship is pretty much over. When you’re in a LDR, you become a lot more tolerant to loneliness and poor Skype connections. When you see other people in LDRs, you feel sympathy… but should you?

long distance

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We’re not suggesting that being away from your partner is better than being 11 time-zones apart, but long distance relationships are fairly common in this globalised world. Be it family commitments or work opportunities, there are a myriad of reasons that couples are split for months at a time!

But what if there were advantages to these relationships that you might not have thought of?

Communication is easier

Despite the miracles of things like FaceTime and Skype, chatting via technology is not the same as being present with one another. Because of this fact, we have to be so much more articulate with our feelings, wants and qualms – there’s no way to read someone’s mind over a grainy little box on your laptop so you develop a more open dialogue with one another!

Breaks the illusion of dependence

As much as you love your partner, and as much as they love you, you can both live without each other. Distance forces you to grow into your own person again, to not be defined by your relationship. We therefore make the effort to be the kind of people that your partner would choose to be with, not be with because that’s the status quo.

long distance

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Well, this one speaks for itself…