The 10 Warning Signs That You’re Becoming *Too* Addicted To Coffee

Like alcohol, chocolate, and love, coffee is one of those rich substances that can flip your life for the worse with overindulgences. In the right quantities, coffee has helped some of the world’s most incredible people achieve great things.

For everyone else, it’s the stimulant we need to get the day off of the ground. However, like all substances, it’s easy to get addicted to the rush.


Freshpresso put together a great infographic that looks into the biological and social signs that you’re too hooked on coffee.

You might not even realise you’re addicted so always remember, we’re here to talk.

Here are ten signs you are addicted to your morning Joe.


1. Money is an irrelevant factor

Have you thought about how much money you’d save a year if you gave up coffee? Our advice: don’t. We’ll put it this way, you probably would save enough to not worry about about rent for a month.

2. Weather is also an irrelevant factor

If you find yourself standing in the middle of the rain or blustering winds to get a small cappuccino, you need to reassess your life.

3. You say things like ‘don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee’

It’s all in good fun but the dark side of addiction starts this way. Next thing you know you’re selling your shoes for a handful of coffee beans.


4. Your coffee shop consider you a regular

As cool as it is to say “the usual, please”, it’s probably not very healthy.

5. Productivity is defined by the ‘sweet spot’

The ‘sweet spot’ is found in the period between the initial caffeine kick and the feeling of losing that kick. It’s not a very sustainable way of working and, no, more coffee doesn’t solve this.

6. ‘Coffee time’ is ‘Every time’

“It’s got be coffee time somewhere, right?”


7. You’ve figured out the optimum caffeine order

You’re no longer drinking coffee because you enjoy it, it’s because you need it.

8. You’ve considered becoming a barista

Work with what you know, right?

9. You’re prone to migraines

That’s a bad sign, just so you know. That’s not your body needing coffee, that’s it learning to cope with the lack of this stimulant you’ve forced it to depend on.


10. Shaking

In 99% of situations, if you’re body shakes due to too much or too little is bad news.