Uh Oh, 9th January Is The Day Your Partner Is Most Likely To Cheat On You

New Year, new you, right? We associate this empty aphorism, typically, with short-lived bursts of self-improvement. Things like going to the gym three times only to give up and trying whatever fad diet is in trend. What we don’t associate it with is cheating but, according to overwhelming statistics, this day is the most likely to have a partner cheat on you.

As reported by the Metro, 71% of affairs happening through a certain extramarital dating site will start today (9th January). This is “by far” the most popular day to sign up. What is it about this day that ignites the douchebag protocol in people’s brains?

The psychological effects of January are well-documented. Between seasonal effective disorders and ‘Blue Monday’, mass cheating across the nation can also be seen. We’re not saying it’s an excuse but we want to know why there’s a 320% increase in new users on extramarital affair sites across January.

So the statistics show that you’re more likely to cheat the closer you are to 39 years old and more likely to be cheated on if your dad cheated on your mum but we’re not really sure how that correlation can be drawn since you can’t control who and when you’re cheated on.

These facts come from a study surrounding Gleedon which is an extramarital dating site run entirely by women. What’s disheartening is that it has three million members.

We learned just before Christmas that the second Monday after the holiday is the most likely day to be broken up with. It turns out that 52% of people that do the dumping are looking to “regain their freedom” after the holidays.

Like, In-Laws can be tiring but really?

For Gleedon, 9th January represents the largest influx of new users. Not all of them may go on to cheat but there’s enough evidence to suggest that most of them probably will.

Happy 2017, everyone.