5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Commute

From practising your French to doing your make-up en route to work...

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Stop staring out the window, cursing slow trains and falling asleep on your neighbour’s shoulder – it’s time to make the most of your daily commute. We’ve been inspired by the long-awaited film release of The Girl on the Train – a psychological thriller about divorcee, Rachel Watson, who finds herself involved in a missing persons case after spotting something unusual on her daily commute.

Hopefully your journey to work won’t be quite so eventful but, you can turn it into something to look forward to. Here’s how…


De-stressing, anti-ageing, immune-boosting – it’s worth a try, right? And it doesn’t have to mean hours of sitting cross-legged. Apps like Headspace and OMG. I Can Meditate! have sessions specially designed for short periods of time, some just a minute long.

Learn a language

Ever fancied learning French, Italian or even Mandarin? Listening is said to be one of the best ways to learn a language. So what better time to do it than on your commute. Try apps like Duolingo and HiNative, or download the gripping subtitled TV series Gomorrah for a spot of Italian.

Make up the time

OK, so other commuters may not approve of you putting make-up on in front of them, but sometimes it’s plain good use of time. Lipstick, blusher and concealer are an easy win but, beware, liquid eyeliner may take some practice.

Get stuck into a good book

There’s nothing better than losing yourself in a great story. Why not try best-selling novel The Girl on the Train. Too much concentration? Listen through book app Audible, which has more than 150,000 titles to choose from.

Get off a stop early

If you want to shed a few pounds or just feel healthier, put on your Fitbit, jump off the bus a stop early and get walking. The rule of thumb is 10,000 steps a day, so a brisk walk in the morning is the perfect start. You can even mix it up with a cycle or jog. Sorry, no more excuses.

The Girl on the Train is in cinemas now. Watch the trailer below and book your tickets at thegirlonthetrainfilm.com