5 Brilliant Female-Fronted Podcasts We Can’t Get Enough Of

Get some extra sass in your life!

Is your carefully crafted playlist now feeling older than dirt? We’ve put together a round up of the most hilarious, intelligent and thought-provoking female-fronted podcasts because, well, women are great.

(Btw, we haven’t included Serial because we’re guessing you’ve been there, done that)

Guys We F***ed


Best friends Corinne and Krystyna take time out from their hectic comedy circuit schedules to bring us weekly insights into theirs and their friends’ sex lives. The NYC natives are bold, brash and utterly hilarious. No topic is too risqué and the girls deliver their stories with often-breathtaking honesty. On plenty of occasions we have found ourselves nodding along and silently mouthing “YES that is SO true!” whilst on the train home.


If your guilty pleasure is pinching your mum’s Chat or Take A Break magazines to pore over the jaw-dropping real life stories, IRL is for you. Hosts Rhiannon Evans and Anna Lewis spend between 40 minutes and an hour dissecting the best in gross, laugh-out-loud real life stories from around the world. With episode called things like, “A killer foo-foo, a bagel brawl and Sue Barker’s wire hanger “ we defy you not to snort out loud on the tube when listening.

The History Chicks

Want to feel like you’re learning something whilst on your morning commute? Let The History Chick teach you about kick ass females throughout the ages. Each ep, hosted by the brilliant Susan Vollenweider and Beckett Graham, goes IN on a different famous woman. But in an entertaining way. There is no chance you’ll fall asleep during one of these history lesson…

Woman’s Hour

Discussing everything from Broadchurch storylines to PTSD and smear tests, Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour offers an in-depth and interesting female prospective on a massive variety of hot topics. They also have brilliant guests and covered LFW.

My Favorite Murder

If you have a morbid fascination with all things sinister, this podcast is right up your street. Hosts Karen Kilgraff and Georgia Hardstark love a good murder. Like IRL UK but with murders, the duo chat about real life murders with darkly comedic commentary.