15 Types Of Kiss Every Girl Has Experienced

From the washing machine to the perfect moment, reminisce on your best (and worst) smooches...

1) The first kiss

It was either really sweet or really awkward. Either way, it was definitely memorable.

2) The washing machine



2) The peck

The sort of kiss that comes after a pleasant-but-not-that-exciting first date.

You don’t want to look rude, but you also don’t want to give off the impression that you’re interested.

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3) The snake

It feels like he’s trying to dig your dinner out of your gums. It’s not great.


4) The teeth clasher


5) The near miss

You’re probably drunk. In your confusion, you end up brushing cheeks rather than locking lips. Awkward for everyone.


6) The bad breath

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to inhale the taste of tuna/boiled eggs/garlic when they’re having a smooch.

7) The big mistake

You go in for the kill… and almost immediately regret it.

Perhaps it’s your sister’s boyfriend, or your ex’s best friend. Whatever the case, drama will ensue.


8) The mistletoe

Most likely to happen at your work Christmas party. And not with Fit Dave from Accounts (sadly).

9) The nightclub

Only when the lights come on do you realise what you’ve done.


10) The braces

There was always that rumour about the couple getting tangled together while snogging and having to be taken to A&E for emergency surgery.

The fear made youth club romances all the more exciting.

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11) The spin the bottle

Your lips are sealed forever on this one.


12) The school play

Own up, the leading man was the only reason you even auditioned for your Year 9 production of Romeo And Juliet.

13) The accidental brush

It could happen with your BFF, colleague or your grandma. Which is why it’s the worst.

You’ll be having an innocent hug when one of you leans in for a kiss on the cheek. Of course, this is the exact moment when the the other moves their head to speak.


14) The you’ve-broken-up-so-really-shouldn’t

Pinpointing the exact moment your split gets messy.

15) The perfect moment

It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for – and the one that changes everything.