12 reasons your dog is your BFF

Loving, loyal and always there when you need them – here’s why our dogs walk straight into our hearts…

1 They boost your love drug
No, seriously. When your dog gazes at you with those melting eyes, the levels of oxytocin – the feelgood ‘love’ endorphin – rise sharply in both of you. It’s nature’s clever way of making you feel good about being together.

2 They keep you moving
You really can’t stay wedged on the sofa when your dog is hopping from foot to foot, desperate for an outing, and rushing to the door the moment you stir. And unlike the faff of going to the gym, walking is about as easy as it gets – plus it boosts bone health, burns calories, exercises your stomach muscles… need we go on?

3 They improve your health
Lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and fewer heart attacks are all directly linked to having a pooch. It’s partly because you’re getting more regular exercise, but also because it’s easier to unwind and feel calm when your dog is cuddling up.

4 They expand your friendship group
One study found 40% of people found it easier to make friends when they had their dog with them. Makes sense really – all you have to do is tell a proud owner that they have a beautiful dog and they’ll immediately relax and start swapping anecdotes with you.

5 They make you laugh
You only have to watch a few YouTube videos to realise that dogs are laugh-out-loud funny, from manic tail-chasing to don’t-want-a-bath slinking. Post pics and videos of your dog looking adorable and enjoy the torrent of adoring responses.

6 They sense your mood
Search-and-rescue dogs are the heroes of the animal world, but every dog has the capacity to know when something’s wrong. Dogs keep all their senses attuned to your mood and movements, and know you better than you know yourself. And that’s why a wet nose and licky kiss is coming your way next time you find yourself welling up over a late-night movie.

7 They don’t hold back…
Looking for enthusiasm? A genuine show of affection? Don’t want to be taken for granted? While human partners may fail to tick all these boxes, your dog will always score top marks.

8 …and they’ve got your back.
Loyalty is hard-wired into your dog’s DNA. As long as you’ve got a dog by your side, you’ll never be lonely.

9 They’re fast to forgive
Been grumpy and uncommunicative? Your dog won’t sulk (not for long, anyway) and is ready to spring back into action as soon as you are.

10 They love you just the way you are…
That’s right – even when you look terrible, have a hangover, haven’t got round to having a shower (go on, ’fess up as appropriate) your dog simply won’t care. They’ll still think you’re the best thing this side of heaven…

11 They’re always ready for fun
It doesn’t take much – tug of war with a sock, chasing a ball, cuddles and tickles – life’s just much more fun with a dawg.

12 They also make you act like a grown-up
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