10 Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating On You

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From one of the best-selling novels in recent history, Rachel Watson – played by the fabulous Emily Blunt – becomes entangled in a missing persons investigation, following the breakdown of her marriage to a cheating ex-husband. Rachel finds herself struggling with trust in her own mind and in her relationships. Can she believe what she sees? Which got us questioning, of course – would we know if our partner was cheating?

Apparently these are some fairly common telltale signs:

Gut instinct
This is quite a biggie. If you feel that something’s not right between you and your partner, there’s a good chance it might not be. This could be the time to have that chat…

Secrets and Lies
Closed doors, hidden bills, cryptic texts and nights out with an ‘old school friend’ you’ve never heard of before could be big red-flag signals, so don’t ignore them.

And you are?
You walk in the house sporting an ear tattoo and a killer curve outfit and he doesn’t even notice. He, on the other hand, has signed up for a new gym membership and smells pretty good too!

They freak out…
…when you pick up their phone. Something to hide?

Mood swings
He’s up, he’s down and you’re completely confused. Is your man feeling guilty about something? Might be time to find out.

New moves
Where did he learn that? Your partner’s become more adventurous in the bedroom and as welcome as that might be, you’re left wondering why.

Lack of intimacy
Have days spent cuddling on the sofa become a distant memory and kisses more pecks than passionate?

Deflecting attention
He accuses you of cheating – Ha! a clever distraction technique. Don’t fall for it.

Working late again?
All of a sudden the boss is piling the work on, and there’s always an urgent deadline. Throw in a couple of overnight trips that don’t include you and alarm bells start ringing.

Being happy
There’s suddenly a spring in your partner’s step. The question is, who’s put it there?

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